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Particulate Filter Holder for Quarter Mask 4200

This Filter Holders comply with EN-149: 2001 and NIOSH N95 and China GB2626-2006 standards, and get the relative certificates.
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- Two customised Asian size face pieces for more secure fit and seal
- Textured face piece to prevent slipping and maintain consistent seal at all times
- Compact design increases vision and safety
- Lightweight body and cradle head harness increase comfort
- Choice of 55cc organic vapor cartridges with optional built-in particulate prefilter or just particulate filter only.
- Minimal replaceable parts to save space, time and money
- Snap fit cartridges for easy assembly
- Drop-down strap for wearer convenience and acceptance

Pharmaceutical, petrochemical, utilities, aluminum reduction, chemical manufacturing, laboratories, and pulp and paper.
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