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Explosion-proof helmet

This product is a new-developed type of practical,safe, and explosion-proof helmet which is suitable for wearing at mine lot, construction yard and can carry on at any time or place. It has the feature of good looking, firm structure,shock resistance, good heat resistance, god sealing,water-proof and easy for carrying. It has got many national patent. It is lighted by main, auxiliary dual light source.so it features lower calorific value and high energy efficiency .It can be safely used in all kind of severe environments.Its appearance is mainly made in red ,yellow ,blue and white color,other specific color can be requested.
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1 Normal voltage rating:32V
2 Normal capacity:1.8-2.5Ah
3 Lighting time: main light source ≥ 1800Lx  secondary light source ≥20-30h
4 Illumination of mining lamps: the beginning of light ≥1800Lx 11 hours working ≥ 1000
5 LED:main light source ≥ 85 lm,120mA  secondary light source 60mA >0.4w
6 Life of storage battery: >1000 cycle-index
7 Lengths for preservation of storage battery :2 years
8 Charging time:4-6h
9 Working current:120mA


The structure design of this helmet integrated with cap,light and battery. The shell is made of high-intensity engineering plastic(PC+ABS alloy material) and is of strong collisions and impact resistance. We import high-quality semiconductors LED as the illuminant ,which features low power consumption,high luminous flux long life span and reliability. We applied the most advanced precision iron phosphate li-ion battery protective of integrated circuits and special charging management integrated circuits as the battery charging circuit.The charging mode adopts charging- constant-current-constant pressure-recharging way which not only can effectively protect battery,utmost use its high capacity phosphoric acid lithium iron batteries properties.The charger adopts external portably switching power supply with quick charging. The charger has red and green LED charging indication light. The red light indicates the finish the charging. Special seal technology and optimized surface structure make the lamp features waterproof, dustproof and corrosion prevention.

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