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Half-Mask and Full-Face Respirators2013-09-03
Reusable mask, abbreviated as APR on occasion, can be divided into two common types, full-face respirators and half-mask respirators. Half-mask respirators and full-face respirators each have their respective set of circumstances where using one is preferred or even mandated over the other.
Half face respirator is used in situations where the eyes do not need to be protected from the vapors or air to which they are exposed. Many gases that may exist in a hazardous area can irritate or cause severe damage to the eyes. These circumstances, obviously, would mandate that a person use a full-face respirator. A common example of a person using a full-face respirator is a fireman. Of course, these individuals always have a supply of air, but they use a full-face respirator to protect their eyes from the heavy smoke put off by the fire. A frequent situation in which half-mask respirators are used is when painting. Many industrial workers who paint products as part of the manufacturing process will wear half-mask respirators because the paint likely doesn't do harm to the eyes and, therefore, may not be necessary.
Many masks have the option of purchasing lens covers that stick to the n95 particulate respirator and can be peeled off after they are used. These accessories help preserve the lens from scratching or other products that may be hard to clean off the lens. When used properly, reusable respirators can be a comfortable, vital part of a person's personal protective equipment.