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A Perfect Respirator 2013-07-17
Respirators are used to avoid vapors, noxious fumes, mold spores, harmful dust and various types of gas. There are several different models of respirators, and each one is designed to offer protection from whatever substance in which you are exposed. Using a respirator guarantees the user's health by filtering gas, harmful chemicals and airborne particles and allowing the user to breathe uncontaminated, safe air. The 3M disposable respirator is designed with several patented features and technologies, which help to filter a wide range of OHSA substances, nuisance odors and several forms of particles.

There are so many sorts of respirators available that it sometimes makes it a hard task to choose the appropriate one. To select the proper respirator it is important to understand how they protect the user. There are two common ways of protection; either by removing contaminants that are in the air, or protection by supplying clean air from another source. Contaminant removal respirators are known as particulate respirators and their purpose is to filter out any particles that are airborne, including gas mask type respirator, which is used to filter out gases and chemicals.

The 3M respirator is commonly grouped into a four testing certifications, these include particulate (dust masks), vapor and gas, and combination respirators. Particulate respirators are disposable. They are made from a cloth like material and should be thrown out if they become damaged or wet. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has created particulate certifications that group each respirator into a certain series, which include the models N, R, and P. The N95 particulate respirator is commonly used as protection against dust particles, or as a filter against oil-free based particles and liquids. The R-series was designed to protect the wearer against both liquid and solid aerosol particulates. The P-series protects the user from the same as the R, except it is usable when the liquid and solid aerosol particulates may contain oil.

Vapor and gas respirators are used to protect against harmful vapors and gas. They are designed specifically for vapor and gas and they will not provide protection from airborne particulates. These types are available in either a full or half mask design, with acid gas cartridge. The cartridge is selected depending on what vapors or gas that the user will be exposed.

A combination respirator is used for any environment that may contain harmful gas, vapors and particulates. Many manufacturers offer a combination cartridge, so that only one cartridge is needed. They are also available in a full or half mask design.

The 3M respirator will provide its user with a long life and excellent protection, as long as it is kept well maintained and clean. 3M carries products, which can be purchased separately to help with this task. It is recommended that the respirator be kept in a special respirator bag, which can also be purchased separately. Choosing the right respirator is imperative to be sure that the user is protected against all harmful substances.