• 2013
    Half-Mask and Full-Face Respirators

    Reusable mask, abbreviated as APR on occasion, can be divided into two common types, full-face respirators and half-mask respirators. Half-mask respirators and full-face respirators each have their respective set of circumstances where using one is preferred or even mandated ov...

  • 2013
    Respirator Mask as Your Safeguard

    Respirator mask are needed for individuals who're exposed to bacterias. These could be individuals that are health providers or people that have respiratory illnesses or some other forms of diseases that suppress their immune system. The Respirator mask permits these to be able t...

  • 2013
    A Perfect Respirator

    Respirators are used to avoid vapors, noxious fumes, mold spores, harmful dust and various types of gas. There are several different models of respirators, and each one is designed to offer protection from whatever substance in which you are exposed. Using a respirator guarantees...

  • 2013
    OSH EXPO Africa 2013, Johannesburg, SA

       OSH EXPO Africa is a world-class occupational safety and health exhibition and a leading destination for exhibitors to launch and showcase new products and services to visitors from South Africa, neighbouring states and international countries. Rich with edu...

  • 2012
    The 19th International Security and Protection Fair (Fisp) was inaugurated in Sao Paulo, Brazil

    The 19th International Security and Protection Fair(Fisp) and 10th International Fair Fire (Fire Show) was inaugurated at Exhibition Centre Immigrants, Sao Paulo on Oct 3,2012. For the largest fair in Latin America and the second largest in the world, more than 700 exhibitors g...

  • 2012
    Safety In action 2012——Melbourne Safety Show

    Australia's No. 1 safety event is more than just a trade show. It’s a must see event for anyone in the safety industry. Held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre on  April 17th ~April 19th , Safety In Action offers safety managers a wide range of safety solutions that goes...

  • 2011
    The 83th China International Occupational Safety & Health Goods Expo (CIOSH)

    October 13th to 15th , 2011,the  83th PPE Trade Fair held in Xiamen. This fair gathering a lot of international and domestic brands. It is our company's honor to participate in the fair and achieve good results.   The enterance of CIOSH, Xiamen. Our c...

  • 2013
    Working Outside With a Suitable Respirator

    A good respirator mask saves you from risks such a poisonous gas and asbestos also. N95 is a type of respirator which is very useful while dealing with jobs that deals with harmful gases. It is very popular and its main advantage is that it is disposable. If you are in a job that...

  • 2013
    What’s so Good about Earplugs?

    Hearing damage is more common than most people realise, and the delicate auditory system of the human ear is vulnerable to damage from a wide range of everyday situations. It's not just going to a rock concert or using machinery that can damage your hearing. Prolonged exposure to...

  • 2013
    Why should We Use High Quality Safety Helmets

    For those who need the best in various types of head protection products, the Anjian Safety Helmets is the choice the professionals make. The reason those who know choose Anjian safety helmets can be summed up in two words: quality and reliability. It must be noted that every A...

  • 2013
    Cleaning and Maintenance of Safety Goggles

    Why should we clean our safety goggles? During our daily use of safety goggles provided by famous safety goggles suppliers, dust, particles, liquid will adhere to the surface of the goggles and make them blurred. This will make a direct impact to the normal work. So we need to cl...

  • 2013
    Find Good Hearing Protection In a Noisy World

    The world can be a dangerously loud place, but many people do not do enough to protect their hearing form the effects of loud noises. In the United States, for instance, it is estimated that 10% of the population suffers from some kind of hearing loss. Though loss of hearing caus...